We are a proactive team with 10 years of experience in the production of flexible polymer packaging, we know exactly how to produce high-quality packaging for your product from various polymer compositions, which keeps the consumer properties of the product unchanged from the moment of its production to the supermarket shelf.
This is the guaranteed result that we give by default.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality is confirmed by DSTU (National Standard of Ukraine) ISO 9001:2015

Courier bags

Courier bags are tailored to individual business needs. It is possible to apply a tear-off line, bottom folds, slotted handle, logo or barcode, pockets, and create additional air holes.

Types of products:
standard courier packages
custom mailing bags with the logo
— safe packages
Banana type packages
— branded packages with the logo
packages with black and white markings

Shrink film

Multilayer shrink-film (PE COEX ) has unique properties that allow you to obtain a high-quality ultra-transparent product with up to 30% savings in packaging costs, without additional costs and equipment

Types of products:
— shrink film
shrink wrap "Superprozora"
— general-purpose film
— construction film
— greenhouse film

Stretch film

Stretch film is made from high-quality materials and additives, has excellent physical and mechanical properties, good elasticity and stretching. Adaptation of production to individual orders.

Types of products:
hand stretch film Economic
machine stretch film Standart
— machine stretch film Super power
— jumbo stretch

Special offers

We create the best conditions for the most in-demand positions.

About company

"Grintex" is a team of proactive people with a decade of successful experience in the field of flexible polymer packaging.
The experience we have gained allows us to declare with confidence - we know how to make high-quality packaging for any product from various compositions of polymeric materials. At the same time, we maintain high production speed, quality control, and acceptable price.

Our company has a modern fleet of production equipment, with a total capacity of 320 tons of finished products per month, which is constantly being modernized and expanded. The quality of our products is systematically improved and their consumer properties are improved. Due to the use of the most advanced technologies, our prices remain at an acceptable level.

In 2016, we commissioned new equipment with a capacity of 200 tons of flexible packaging per month, which needs to be loaded.

We believe that by creating a quality product that benefits customers, employees, shareholders, and partners, we are helping the industry grow and helping businesses create new opportunities to distribute their goods.

10 years of experience in the service of business interests
Grintex LLC


More than 600 companies have chosen Grintex as their base partner for polymer packaging production. We value trust and invest in strengthening mutually beneficial relations.
10 years of experience in film production
Quality control of products at the production stage with the tools of our own laboratory
Flexible pricing policy
As a manufacturer, we can set our own pricing strategy vector for each specific order
High quality
We value our customers and their time. We provide high quality goods with free delivery on time
Own production
The company is a manufacturer, which allows us to offer the best conditions for the customer

Best Sellers

Our most popular products based on sales
We control the properties and characteristics of the film, which are responsible for the strength, the sliding ratio and the quality of the welds. This allows us to obtain a quality product that meets all customer requirements.

We are trusted

More than 600 companies have chosen Grintex as their base partner for polymer packaging production. We value the trust and invest in strengthening mutually beneficial relations.

Quality Guarantees

In the production of our products, we are primarily concerned with their quality. Thanks to our laboratory, we quickly perform quality control at the production stage. This allows us to avoid problems with the quality of the entire batch of film, with returns from customers and in general, helps to save money.
Plastic wrap
Stretch film
Black and white film
  • courier bag film
  • mulch film
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