Grintex's modern fleet of production equipment is constantly being modernized and expanded. The quality of our products is systematically improved and their consumer properties are improved. Due to the use of the most advanced technologies, our prices will always remain at an acceptable level for you.
The total area of the occupied production facilities is more than 2000 m2. The working area includes an in-house laboratory and a site of the PPR, with all the necessary repair facilities. The available capacity allows us for a minute not to delay the performance in time of your order, the quality of execution of which is constantly monitored by our highly qualified professionals who will always be happy to see you at their production.

ISO 9001:2015
Качество подтвержденно ДСТУ ISO 9001:2015
Each delivery is always preceded by an inspection of the safety of our product, which is carried out by the Quality Assurance Department (QAC). The quality assurance is confirmed by all necessary approvals. All people who are involved in the production process of the product for you are socially protected and all conditions for occupational safety and health are created for them.
The company's production volumes are constantly increasing. The company is developing despite the fact that with the beginning of military operations in eastern Ukraine the company had to change the geography of its production.


The geography of our production sites allows us to provide all of Ukraine with minimal logistics costs.
Now "Grintex" production facilities are located in Kiev, Rivne and Mariupol. Among other things, it provides logistic advantages for the company's customers in different parts of Ukraine.

We are trusted

More than 600 companies have chosen Grintex as their base partner for polymer packaging production. We value the trust and invest in strengthening mutually beneficial relations.
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