Bags with black and white markings

The company produces a wide range of gift bags with and without printing. Standard bags are presented below:
The easy-to-use Banana plastic bag is made of high-quality multi-layer film. Which provides strength, presentable appearance and a wide range of applications.
Depending on the film used, it is perfectly suited for carrying not only bulky goods, but also contents weighing several kilograms. Not affected by direct sunlight, natural temperatures, high humidity or precipitation, or deformed in any way. Makes it impossible to view the contents from outside.

The main advantages of "banana" bags are universality of use, low cost, bright and attractive design at application of color printing.

Elements of courier packages

Expanded possibilities in the production of courier packages

High quality adhesive with tape

Allow to ensure complete safety and security of documents

Breakaway line

Makes it easy to open the bag

Bottom folds

Allow you to pack large loads

Applying the logo and design elements

Allow to ensure complete safety and security of documents


Ability to individually identify each package

Pockets for documents

Ability to fix pockets of open and closed types

Slotted handle

Allows the consumer to carry the bag comfortably

Air holes

Allows goods to breathe and air to escape

Double/triple pockets

Ability to fix pockets double and triple pockets

Characteristics of courier packages

Our capabilities in the production of courier bags
Plastic wrap
Stretch film
Black and white film
  • courier bag film
  • mulch film
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