The quality control and technology and production department has extensive technological experience in the manufacture and application of polymer films.
The department has extensive business relationships with leading global and domestic manufacturers of polymer raw materials. Our laboratory equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment performs incoming inspection of materials, final inspection of finished products, as well as controls the necessary parameters during the production process.

We control the properties and characteristics of the film responsible for the strength, sliding ratio and quality of welds, which allows us to get a quality product at the output, which satisfies all customer requirements.

ISO 9001:2015
Quality is confirmed by DSTU ISO 9001:2015
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Our advantages

We know almost everything about the production of polymer packaging and are ready to declare and provide each customer with weighty benefits
Quality of products
In the production of our products, we are primarily concerned with their quality. Thanks to our laboratory, we are able to check the quality of our products during the production process. The final quality of our products is regulated by the ISO 9001 quality control system
Flexibility and responsiveness in decision making
Thanks to the managerial experience and qualifications of our personnel, we are on the crest of a wave and are ready to promptly meet the demands of a constantly changing environment. We follow trends, understand the structure of the market, fashion trends in production and sales of products.
High level of goods logistics
We appreciate our customers and their time. When you place an order with us, you can be sure: the order will be delivered on time and completely free of charge.
Ability to supply products in small batches
Our equipment allows us to quickly and quickly rebuild from order to order, so we can make the minimum quantity for customers from 300 kg of film and from 10 kg of stretch.
Flexible pricing policy
We are a manufacturer and can set the vector of pricing strategy for each specific order. Special offers and flexible adaptation to customer requirements help us give some of the best conditions on the market.
Individual approach to each client
Our products are not standard goods, so it implies an individual approach to each customer. Our main enterprise strategy is based on meeting the needs of each customer.

We are trusted

More than 600 companies have chosen Grintex as their base partner for polymer packaging production. We value the trust and invest in strengthening mutually beneficial relations.
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